Microsoft office 365 is a package of subscription services offered by Microsoft. This was launched in 2011 i.e 7 years ago. This package offers all the professional documentation software that comes under the line of subscription life of the Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft office 365 is a office documentation compilation and the 365 in the topic is denotion of the version. This comprises of Notepad, Ms Word, power point presentation, etc which makes day to day documentation process easy. This has a feature of auto edit which helps in making the documents error free. For signing in to the account, the user needs to go the Microsoft portal and create account option. the user needs to further proceed with the sign up process and complete the process and get the username and password. The username and password selected by the user should be unique.

The uniqueness of the username and password means that it should not match with any of the existing user. If the username selected by the user is already being used then the user will get an error and will be suggested with more options for the username. The password should be combination of alphabets, numerical and special characters which helps the account to be secured from the hackers. Simple passwords could easily be hacked and the combination password is very tough to hack. Sometimes, the password is typed incorrectly like the caps lock button is on or miss spelled. As, we all know that the password is case sensitive so the user need to be very precise while typing the password.

The other issue is with the browser, the user need to clean the browsing history along with the cookies and cache for trouble free login to the email account. The firewalls should be checked that if they are blocking the webpage or some other accesses. Users do get the solution of their simple issues by trying all the above mentioned methods and if the problem persists or the user gets any undiagnosed error then, the user can contact the customer services.

The customer services executives are always eager to get in touch with their users and find solution for their issues. The users do get the solution to their issues within 24 hours. The customer services executives are experienced professional who are capable of finding solution to all the difficult issues of the users.

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