Microsoft office 365 is a office documentation compilation and the 365 in the topic is denotion of the version. This comprises of Notepad, MS Word, power point presentation, etc which makes day to day documentation process easy. These days’ businesses are growing whether it is a small scale business or a large and for these businesses documentation of everything is very important. For, this MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 has played a major role because it helped people for creating all king of official documents required for office use.

When we talk or think about documents or projects, we only think of creating it by using MSWORD only. From the CEO’s of a company to the school going students  everyone prefer for MSWORD for creating there documents in the most perfect way and error free as well. For opening the MSWORD, the user has to go to the home tab and click on the MS OFFICE package available in their system.

For the installation process, the user need to login into their Microsoft Office account by going on the Microsoft Office portal for it. The login account means that the user need to enter that username and password which was mentioned at the time of registration or signing up at the Microsoft Office Portal. Then, the user now needs to click on the install option mentioned on the right corner place of the webpage.

After this, the user can click on the install option directly which will download the office 2016 version for a 32-bit configuration system in English language. But, if the user needs to download some other specific configuration or language of the office app then the user can click on the other install options button which will give then a options for different configurations and language. Then, the user needs to click the download button so that the set up file of the Microsoft Office 365 can be downloaded in the laptop.

Once the download is complete, the user can open the download file and run the set of the installation process as directed over there only. Hence, the user is done with the whole installation process, then the user can launch the Microsoft Office 365 application on the desktop or Laptop.

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