This comprises of Notepad, MS Word, power point presentation, etc which makes day to day documentation process easy. This has a feature of auto edit which helps in making the documents error free. These days’ businesses are growing whether it is a small scale business or a large and for these businesses documentation of everything is very important. For, this MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 has played a major role because it helped people for creating all king of official documents required for office use.

When we talk or think about documents or projects, we only think of creating it by using MSWORD only. From the CEO’s of a company to the school going students everyone prefer for MSWORD for creating there documents in the most perfect way and error free as well. For opening the MSWORD, the user has to go to the home tab and click on the MS OFFICE package available in their system.

Few things are there which the user needs to be careful for while installing the Microsoft Office 365 Application in their desktop or laptop. The first thing is the compatibility of the application configuration to the system of the user. office com setup Australia When the users’ computer is of 32 bit then the user need to install the MS office software which is compatible to this configuration of the computer, in the similar manner if the computer is of 64 bit then the user need to install the software compatible to this configuration.

The user needs to keep checking the internet connection as it is the primary requirement for installation. Some users do get an error i.e KERNEL32.dll while installing the MS office software in system with Windows XP or Windows Vista, this is because these systems can’t support the newer versions of the MS OFFICE software, so the compatibility of the software version with the computer configuration is very important. The very common issue that happens is the users forget their username or passwords.

This can be retrieved by going on the home page of Microsoft and click the forgot password option entering the email Id that has been provided at the time of Sign up process by the user. After this, the password can be retrieved by following the password recovery steps provided in the password recovery mail. This thing should be take care for the error free installation of the Microsoft Office 365 application on the desktop or laptop.

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